About me


I am a mum to two little boys – Joshua and Theodore and live in Hampton Hill, near Richmond with my husband and our cat Fluff!!

Photography is my passion. Its something that fulfills my need for creativity and enables me to provide memories for people that can be treasured for a lifetime. I really believe in the value of family photos. After having my first son I quickly began to appreciate much more how precious those early days are, and how quickly they grow up and move on – little things are forgotten. But not just the early years, family as a whole too. Photos become memories – they capture moments in your life that you might otherwise forget but that in print can be cherished, shared and passed down for generations to come.

My style varies depending on the nature of the image, but what is important is that the images are captivating, interesting and emotive – images that my clients will love owning and displaying.

Kids and cameras can be a funny mix. Having two little rascals of my own means am well versed with the need for a touch of bonding, a smidgin of fun and a ton of peppa pig/Ben & Holly/Paw patrol (delete as appropriate) sound effects… And there’s still a chance they may try and hide their head under a duvet or behind a tree for 90% of the shoot (and that’s just the men ;)) But that’s cool. Makes for a far more interesting day in my world.

My Approach

My approach is as much as possible balanced between keeping the photoshoot as relaxed and natural as possible, but also to deliver to you something much more than some nice shots. It is important that some of our time is dedicated to creating an image or series of images that you will love and want to display on your walls and so some shots will be thoughtfully composed based on the available light and surroundings to create something beautiful and personal to you. My shoots are a mix of both these ‘styled’ shots and some more natural reportage type pictures and you can see examples of this in my portfolio. Lighting wise I use a mix of natural light and studio lighting depending on the type and location of the photoshoot to ensure you get well lit, clear and impactful photos.

I am not a high street studio photographer. My sessions are bespoke and tailored to the kind of images you would like to achieve. For that reason we will work closely together on the day to produce something to be treasured by you & your family for many years to come.

What matters most, more than who I am really, is that you like my style of work. So take a look at the galleries and see what you think!


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